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BLACK HOLMES, an original visual novel by Hato Moa-sensei

I’ve just made a post about it in Spanish for the news blog I’m part of, but I guess this will be more relevant and useful here.

Yesterday, as most of you already know, the official site for BLACK HOLMES, the new visual novel by Moa-sensei opened, along with its official Twitter account. Truth to be told, I already knew of its existence thanks to the promotional pamphlet I picked up in her stand at Comiket 82, but I’m really glad that it has official plans to have an English version *__* Unfortunately, my Japanese skills are not good enough to translate its contents quickly ;_; But I asked her permission to share this pamphlet, and so I scanned it for you so that at least you can see its character designs!

As it name implies, it looks like BH’s plot will be mystery-themed. Moa-sensei cites not only movies and Conan Doyle’s Holmes among her influences, but also Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. Another interesting point is that an american journalist and writer named Luke O’Brien is participating and collaborating as a supporting scriptwriter.

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