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Seiko Shinohara (Corpse Party)

Cosplayer: Lulu Miyazawa
Photographer & Assistant: Pablo & Alba (OSOM Drawing)

This time, it's my turn to help you.


Póster de Hinoue Itaru de Misuzu de Air para anunciar la campaña especial de merchandising de los juegos de Visual Art’s en Akihabara Gamers este mes de agosto. Podéis ver el primer póster que publicamos en tumblr aquí.


The new anime is better in a lot of things, the fidelity to the original dressing details, the jewelry, the shading, the scene composition (more simmilar to the manga, than the old anime), the effects, I even like the 3D parts!

But the expressivity… oh boy, that’s gone. And for those who keep telling me that it has the same expresivity as the manga, and that I am such a terrible fan for not knowing that… Well, this is for you. :D

And I don’t mean to start a war, it is okay if you like it, and it is okay if you don’t. Everyone has the right to show their opinion without the “YOU ARE NOT A TRUE SM FAN IF YOU COMPLAIN” thing. 

Edit: I’m sorry I used some offensive vocabulary using words as “retard” as insults or synonyms of stupid or idiot. I got carried away with the rage and disappointment, and I acted like an asshole. I apologise.

I edited the pictures so they won’t offend anyone anymore. 


Imladris in Spanish Brown 050
Kazuma Azuma from Yakitate!! JA-PAN
Layered and slightly spiked the back and styled his antenna bangs with just hairspray+dryer.
Cosplayer: Lulu Miyazawa
Photographer: Alba

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I’m making a Crescent Rose.

First step, made a template of all the pieces taking the figure as reference and scalating it to my high…


It will be 2m (78,7”) tall in scythe form.


Then I took these templates and put them in order for them to be the folder form, so its pieces have the…


This is the village of Nukumori no Mori, or, in English, the Forest of Warmth, in Shizuoka, Japan. People say visiting it is like jumping into a Studio Ghibli movie.

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First Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei key visual.


Bert, don’t you think that’s true?